Which Material?

All of our rim halves/lips/dishes are manufactured in 5mm thick Aluminium. They are precisely CNC spun before being heat treated, mirror polished and drilled.

How do I measure my existing lips?

Once your wheels are split, you will need to measure from end to end the total depth of your rim lip. You will then need to deduct half an inch, which is the width of the bead. Once this has been deducted you have your final depth of your dish.

For example: If end to end your dish depth is 3", once you have taken away 0.5" (Width of the bead) you will be left with 2.5". This is the true way to measure your dishes.

Split Rim Halve/Lip/Dish Maintenance

There is no clear coat lacquer on top of our rim halves so therefore they need to be cleaned and maintained with a good reputable non acidic wheel sealant to increase corrosion resistance as well as to preserve the polished finish. We recommend using a good metal polish before you use a wheel sealant.

Our personal recommendation is carbon collective platinum wheel sealant. This sealant creates a rock hard active layer between the metal and potential contaminants as well as environmental elements. It also leaves a clear gloss finish which can last up to 2 years. How and when you coat them is dependent on how much you drive your car.

Torque Settings

Below is a list of torque settings which is necessary when rebuilding your split rim wheels. We highly recommend that you use a professional split rim wheel rebuilder to rebuild your wheels. When you torque your bolts and nuts, we also recommend that the head of the bolt is maintained in one position while you torque through the nut end. However we understand that sometimes this will not be possible to do. We also recommend placing a layer of cling film or foil in between the socket and bolt head, to not damage the plating in any way shape or form.

  • BBS RM 2 Piece Split Rims - 15” & 16” – 14/18 ft/lbs         
  • BBS RS 3 Piece Split Rims - 14” – 15/18 ft/lbs
  • BBS RS 3 Piece Split Rims - 15” & 16” – 22/24 ft/lbs
  • BBS RS 3 Piece Split Rims - 17” & 18” – 24/26 ft/lbs           
  • BBS LM 2 Piece Split Rims - 17”, 18” & 19” – 24/26 ft/lbs 
  • BBS LM-R 2 Piece Split Rims - 19” & 20” – 24/26 ft/lbs
  • BBS RS 11 2 Piece Split Rims - 17” & 18” – 22/24 ft/lbs
  • BBS RX 11 2 Piece Split Rims - 15",16",17", 18",19" and 21" – 22/24 ft/lbs
  • BBS RK 2 Piece Split Rims - 18” – 22/24 ft/lbs
  • BBS RS-GT 2 Piece Split Rims - 18”, 19” & 20” – 22/24 ft/lbs
  • BBS E30, E50, E26, E87, E28, E88, E68 2 and 3 Piece Split Rims - 13", 14", 15", 16", 17", 18", 19", 20" and 21" – 22/24 ft/lbs
  • BBS RC 2 Piece Split Rims - 17” & 18” – 22/24 ft/lbs
  • OZ Wheels - All models – 22/24 ft/lbs


When rebuilding, mating surfaces may need to be prepped in order for lips and barrels to come together. Some minor sanding of the bore of the lip may also be necessary for them to sit flush with your centre. Alternatively when torquing the bolts/nuts the lip will also allow all pcs to come together. If in doubt please take your wheels to a professional three piece wheel refinisher who will build the wheels in a safe manner. Three piece wheel rebuilding is not for the faint hearted. 


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